Locate and Expand

Calling All Trailblazing Entrepreneurs

Get moving on aligning your business location + your passion for:

  • Immense beauty – right outside your front door
  • Small-town, rural living
  • Family-friendly communities
  • Easy access to recreational opportunities in forests, meadows, and grasslands, in valleys and mountains, in rivers, lakes, and streams. Abundant hiking, biking, horse, and OHV trails and roads.
  • Open spaces – room to move
  • Good water, good air, good gardens, good critters
  • Locally owned enterprises, services, and industry
  • Fiercely independent, entrepreneurial, creative, artistic, and happy people

Like most rural communities, we’re looking to develop our local economy by attracting entrepreneurs, growing enterprises, young families, and outdoor enthusiasts. Could that be you?

We are enthusiastic about seeing you succeed within Trinity County, and pledge our support in facilitating a thorough analysis of the potential. We have highly developed local networks and would love to offer insight and guidance on next steps for either relocation or expansion of your business or personal presence in Trinity County.

We’re especially interested in connecting with Entrepreneurs:

Telecommuters, Consultants, Inventors, and Emerging Enterprises – Whether you’re an independent working remotely or a firm that is looking to re-locate your enterprise, we would love to be involved in your endeavor. For Trinity County specifically, our local knowledge can help with all aspects of your companies’ relocation including utility connections, site acquisition, and staffing.

Recreation and Outdoor Writers, Bloggers, Athletes – The region is an undiscovered mecca for individual recreation enthusiasts and now has international attention due, in part, to the recent World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships that took place in Weaverville, CA in 2015. Your recreation-oriented business (or employee base) will certainly find a place here.

Science, Research and Environmental Consultants and Boutique Firms – Some of the most bio-diverse places on the planet lie within the region and it is already a “hot spot” for science, research, restoration and environmental consulting. We can help get you connected.

Artists, Entertainers, Authors and Creatives – Whether you’re an independent artist or an arts professional looking to re-locate, we can get you connected with musicians, visual artists, theater groups and more.