About Trinity Forward

About the Trinity Forward Initiative

We’re taking the initiative – Uncovering opportunities. Connecting people and resources. Facilitating the processes for moving Trinity forward.

The Mission

To build and implement a comprehensive Economic Development Roadmap that generates sustainable social and economic prosperity for Trinity County.

Key attributes of our program:

  • Support existing entrepreneurs and enterprises
  • Strategically grow and expand our base of private firms and entrepreneurial ventures with emphasis on “exporters”
  • Actively recruit Forward Thinkers to relocate or to come back home
  • Impact the readiness, availability, and effectiveness of current and future leaders
  • Implement processes to insure that legacy roles are filled. Facilitate the transition of knowledge and expertise from Wisdom Keepers to the next generation of leaders.
  • We’re working with sponsors and partners who provide leadership, guidance and financial resources
  • We’re building bridges between sponsors, partners, and entrepreneurs and their projects, organizations, and enterprises
  • We’re facilitating the exchange of ideas, clarifying opportunities, leveraging resources – for the growth and development of our region; and are not part of any single organization


Over the last 15-20 years, the economy and culture of Trinity County, CA have been in flux.  Shifts in both the traditional timber industry and emerging cannabis industry in California, along with a new focus on our incredible outdoor recreation amenities have put both new challenges and new opportunities in front of the people of this incredibly beautiful and rugged mountainous area.

Local efforts to promote recreation and community well-being have started to emerge from this dynamic mix of interests and organizations like the Trinity River Community Partners, Trinity Trail Alliance, Trinity County Resource Conservation District, Trinity Lake Revitalization Alliance, The Watershed Research and Training Center, Ascend Wilderness Experience, Weaver Basin Trails Committee and others have developed or re-tooled their game to move forward on behalf of our communities.

In this land of golden opportunity, you can count on the steady progression of ideas and possibilities to manifest in unique and amazing ways. We’re taking the initiative to facilitate the process of this unfolding.

Why Now

We believe that the recent award from the California Public Utilities Commission of $ 47-million to the Highway 299 Fiber Optic project presents an improved opportunity to position our area as a viable location for individuals and organizations.

Now is the time to elevate our area to the wider world in a strategic way that enhances our local economy, while also preserving and protecting the beauty and wonder of this place that we call home.

The First Step

As we work on longer term planning in conjunction with other community members and advisors we want to move forward with a project element that can have an immediate impact — video testimonials.

Through these testimonials (view some previous examples here) we believe that we can jump start interest in our area through the voices and experience of those who already live here and/or believe in this special place. Through this process we also want to feature and promote local organizations and individuals who have laid the foundation that that makes this opportunity possible.

Join Us and Help Us Take More Steps:

  1. Join the Forward Thinkers Click here to sign on to this effort!
  2. Help Us Spread The Word – Social media is an extremely powerful tool that will be a big part of our success. Like our Facebook page, join our mailing list and spread the word. Click here for our contact info.
  3. Give Us Feedback – Our process and communication about this project has already improved based on feedback that we’ve received. Your thoughts, questions and suggestions are important.
  4. Take A Look At Our Future Plans – Our Four Objectives are a working draft of where we are headed. Once again we’d like to hear from you.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We look forward to hearing from you and moving forward together!