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– Thoughtful –

We choose to explore the potential. We’re focused on opportunity. Driven to make things work better, we create a clear Roadmap for defining the way forward.

– Passionate –

We bring enthusiasm. We’re connected to possibility. We respect the contributions of individuals and understand the value of working together. We strive to build connections with other like-minded individuals and organizations. By generating group synergy, we uplift and empower the efforts of everyone involved.

– Bold –

We choose to move forward. We’re committed to progress. We engage in meaningful action. Our commitment to following through and finishing what needs doing insures our shared success.

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Moving Trinity Forward is an INITIATIVE being facilitated through:
• The media and communications work of Jeff Morris and his company, Stream Crossing.
Call/text Jeff: 530.355.9880.

• The strategic networking and business development work of Susan Marie and her company Susan Marie & Associates.
Call/text Susan: 530.739.3237.

• Through collaboration and in partnership with a number of local organizations and individual supporters
• We are 100% funded by you!





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